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University Senate

A Brief Explanation about the University Senate

The Senate is a normative board and the highest representation of UNJ consists of Professors, Rector, Vice-Rectors, Dean, Head of Institutions and two Lecturers who are not a Professor as delegates from each faculty. Senate is led by the Rector and assisted by a Secretary. Rector as the leader of the Senate can appoint notable people as the member of the Senate through UNJ Senate Agreement. Procedure of appointing delegates from each faculty is also set by the Rector through UNJ Senate Agreement. UNJ Senate has 5 commissions led by a chairman and a secretary:

  1. Planning and Development Commission
  2. Ethic Commission
  3. Students and Alumni Commission
  4. Social Services and Cooperation Commission
Members of Professor Assembly
No. Name and Title Faculty
1. Bedjo Sujanto, Prof.Dr, M.Pd. FIP
2. Anisah Basleman, Prof. Dr. M.Si. FIP
3. Hafid Abbas, Prof. Dr. FIP
4. Martini Jamaris, Prof. Dr. MS.Ed. FIP
5. Myrnawati Crie Handini Prof. Dr. MS. FIP
6. Mulyono, Prof. Dr. FIP
7. Sutjipto, Prof. Dr. FIP
8. Soegeng Santoso, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FIP
9. Bintang Petrus Sitepu, Prof. Dr. MA. FIP
10. Theresia K, Prof. Dr. FIP
11. Nana Sudjana, Prof. Dr. FIP
12. Suparno Eko Widodo, Prof. Dr. MM FIP
13. Yufiarti, Prof. Dr. M.Si. FIP
14. Ma’ruf Akbar Imanurdin, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FIP
15. Theodorus Imanuel Setiawan, Prof.Dr.dr. FIP
16. Madhakomala Prof. Dr FIP
17. Mukneri, Prof. Dr. M.Pd FIP
18. Zainal Rafli, Prof. Dr., M.Pd. FBS
19. Ilza Mayuni, Prof. Dr. M.A. FBS
20. Emzir, Prof. Dr. FBS
21. Sakura Ridwan, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FBS
22. Yumna Rasyid, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FBS
23. Basuki Wibawa, Prof. Dr. MM. FT
24. Amos Neolaka, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FT
25. Gaguk Margono, Prof. Dr. M.Ed. FT
26. Hartati, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FT
27. Zulfiati, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FT
28. Suriani, Prof. Dr. SH, MA. FIS
29. Zainuddin S. Nainggolan, Prof. Dr. M.A. FIS
30. Diana Nomida Musnir, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FIS
31. Tuti Nuriah, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FIS
32. Nadiroh, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FIS
33. Muchlis R. Ludin, Prof. Dr. MA FIS
34. I Made Putrawan, Prof. Dr. FMIPA
35. Gerardus Polla, Prof. Dr. M.App.Sc. FMIPA
36. Rukaesih Achmad, Prof. Dr. M.Si. FMIPA
37. Yetti Supriyati Saefudin, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FMIPA
38. Suyono, Prof. Dr. M.Si. FMIPA
39. Nurbaity, Prof. Dr. M.Si FMIPA
40. James Alexander Tangkudung, Prof. Dr. FIK
41. Firmansyah Dlis, Prof.Dr., M.Pd. FIK
42. Mulyana, Prof. Dr., M.Pd. FIK
43. Moch. Asmawi, Prof. Dr. M.Pd. FIK
44. Djaali, Prof. Dr. FE
45. Thamrin Abdullah, Prof. Dr., M.Pd. FE