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University Senate

Brief Profile of UNJ Senate

UNJ Senate is the supreme normative body of UNJ comprising professors, UNJ board of management, deans, heads of institutions and non-professor lecturers representing each faculty. The UNJ Senate has 4 commissions respectively with a Chairman and Secretary to Commission as follows:

  1. Commission I concerning field of Education
  2. Commission II concerning field of Institution and Cooperation
  3. Commission III concerning Resources Affairs
  4. Commission IV concerning field of Research, Community Service, and Innovation

The Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia issued Letter of Decree or SK Number 19347/M/KP/2019 on 23 May 2019 regarding the appointment of the Chairman, Secretary and Member of UNJ Senate of 2019-2023 Period.
Member of UNJ Senate of 2019-2023 Period

List of Universitas Negeri Jakarta Senate Membership 2019-2023
No. Name/Position Faculty Position in the Senate
1. Prof. Dr. Hafid Abbas FIP Senate Chairman
2. Prof. Dr. Ahman Sya, M.Sc FIS Senate Secretary
3. Rector Member/Ex Officio
4. Vice Rector of Academic Affairs Member/Ex Officio
5. Vice Rector of Public Affairs and Finance Member/Ex Officio
6. Vice Rector of Student Affairs Member/Ex Officio
7. Vice Rector of Planning and Cooperation Member/Ex Officio
8. Chairman of Research Institution and Community Service Member/Ex Officio
9. Chairman of Educational Development Institution and Quality Assurance Member/Ex Officio
10. Director of Postgraduate Program Member/Ex Officio
11. Dean Faculty of Education Sciences Member/Ex Officio
12. Dean Faculty of Languages and Arts Member/Ex Officio
13. Dean Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Member/Ex Officio
14. Dean Faculty of Social Sciences Member/Ex Officio
15. Dean Faculty of Engineering Member/Ex Officio
16. Dean Faculty of Sport Sciences Member/Ex Officio
17. Dean Faculty of Economics Member/Ex Officio
18. Dean Faculty of Psychological Education Member/Ex Officio
19. Prof. Dr. Zainal Rafli, M.Pd. FBS Member
20. Dr. Asti Purbarini, M.Pd. FBS Member
21. Dr. Caecilia Hardiarini, M.Pd. FBS Member
22. Dr. Ellychristina D. Hutubessy,
FBS Member
23. Dra. Azizah Hanoum Siregar,
FBS Member
24. Rahayu Purbasari, S.S.,
FBS Member
25. Drs. Krisanjaya, M.Hum. FBS Member
26. Viana Meilani Prasetio, S.S.,
FBS Member
27. Dr. Muhammad Kamal, M.A. FBS Member
28. Dr. I Ketut R Sudiarditha, M.P. FE Member
29. Dr. Henry Eryanto, M.M. FE Member
30. Tri Hesti Utaminingtyas, S.E.,
FE Member
31. Santi Susanti, M.Ak. FE Member
32. Darma Rika Swaramarinda,
S.Pd., M.SE.
FE Member
33. Drs. Satia Bagdja Ijatna, M.Pd. FIK Member
34. Dr. Iman Sulaiman, M.Pd. FIK Member
35. Abdul Kholik, S.Pd., M.Pd. FIK Member
36. Dr. Nofi Marlina Siregar, S.Pd.,
FIK Member
37. Dr. Ramdan Pelana, S.Or. M.Or FIK Member
38. Prof. Dr. Martini Jamaris,
FIP Member
39. Prof. Dr. Bedjo Sujanto, M.Pd. FIP Member
40. Dr. Robinson Situmorang, M.Pd. FIP Member
41. Dra. Suprayekti, M.Pd. FIP Member
42. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Syarif
Sumantri, M.Pd.
FIP Member
43. Dr. Karnadi FIP Member
44. Dr. Hapidin, M.Pd. FIP Member
45. Dr. Dede Rahmat Hidayat,
FIP Member
46. Prof. Dr. H. M. Ahman Sya,
S.Pd., M.Pd.
FIS Member
47. Dr. Abdui Haris Fatgehipon,
S.Pd., M.Si.
FIS Member
48. Dr. Elisabeth Nugrahaeni P.S,
FIS Member
49. Rakhmat Hidayat, Ph.D. FIS Member
50. Firdaus Wajdi, Ph.D. FIS Member
51. Prof. Dr. I Made Putrawan FMIPA Member
52. Dr. Anggara Budi Susila, M.Si. FMIPA Member
53. Prof. Dr, Agus Setyo Budi, M.Sc. FMIPA Member
54. Dr. Pinta Deniyanti Sampoerno,
FMIPA Member
55. Dr. Sukro, M.Si. FMIPA Member
56. Drs. Mulyono, M.Kom. FMIPA Member
57. Dra. Widyanti Rahayu, M.Si. FMIPA Member
58. Prof. Dr. Yufiarti, M.Si. FPPsi Member
59. Prof. Dr. Zulfiati, M.Pd. FT Member
60. Dr. Ari Fadiati Wira Soetisna,
FT Member
61. Dra. Ermi Media’s, M.Pd. FT Member
62. Prof. Dr. Suy.itno, M.Pd. FT Member
63. Dr. Arief Saefudin, M.Pd. FT Member
64. Dra. Eti Herawati, M.Si. FT Member
65. Dra. Suryawati, M.Si FT Member
66. Drs. Arris Maulana, S.T., MT. FT Member
67. Lukman Arhami, S.Pd., M.T. FT Member
68. Dr. Baso Maruddani, M.T. FT Member