Short Program

Universitas Negeri Jakarta offers a short program course in collaboration with Labschool Universitas Negeri Jakarta. This short program is focusing on Senior Year Highschool students that will apply for a Bachelor’s degree at Universitas Negeri Jakarta.


The Language Center of UNJ or UPT Bahasa UNJ has the vision to become a leading and professional language service centre with entrepreneurship to serve the needs of the UNJ academic community and the general public.

UPT Bahasa UNJ or Language Center of UNJ has several BIPA Programs, including :

    1. Regular BIPA Program
    2. Private BIPA Course
    3. BIPA Cooperation Program

For further information please click on the following links:

Agenda Description Date Brochure
Batavia Camp 2023 The primary objective of the program is to foster cross-cultural comprehension of Indonesia by exploring its traditional sports, arts, and nature in Batavia. 1–10 July 2023 Download
Cesi Inbound Internship June–October 2023 Download
September 2023 Coming Soon
Darmasiswa September 2023–June 2023 Coming Soon
Asia University Inbound Internship 1-31 July 2023 Coming Soon
Asia University Outbound Exchange March– May 2023 Download
June–Agustus 2023 Download
September–November 2023 Coming Soon
JICA Inbound Lecturer Exchange July 2023–July 2025 Coming Soon
International Outbound Teaching Practicum Along 2023 Coming Soon
International Inbound Internship at Novoklon SDN BHD (Malaysia) July–September 2023 Coming Soon