Campus Life

Campus and City Life

As a student at Universitas Negeri Jakarta, you will find great ways to enjoy the campus, city life, discover new places, and have fun with friends.

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Universitas Negeri Jakarta has a full service facilities for study. Four campus location at different location mentioned as Campus A (jl. Rawamangun), Campus B (Jl. Pemuda), Campus C (Jl. Halimun) and Campus D (jl. Setiabudi). Campus A has been the main campus where top management, administration office and Faculties can be found. Campus B is the main site of Sport and sport education faculty which is integrated with velodrome (Asia level sport stadion). Campus D has been the location of Pshychology education faculty, while campus E is the location of Early Childhood Program of Education Faculty

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Canteen; Laboratory School; Computer Laboratory; Sport Hall; Library; Early Childhoor Laboratory and Day Care; Open Theatre; Health Centre; University Training Centre by Naraya Hotel; Gym.

Access for Eating

Universitas Negeri Jakarta offers places to eat or just a place for you to enjoy your day with a cup of coffee with nearby access to the Main Campus of Universitas Negeri Jakarta


All canteens are spread across UNJ where you can have a variety of Indonesian and international foods to eat.

Resto & Cafe

Around UNJ, you also can have good access to local restaurants which offer a lot of Indonesian cuisines such.

Street Foods

While you’re around UNJ don’t forget to come by the local cafe and street food we have around the university.

Place to Study

Wondering what places to go to study around Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ)?
We are glad to inform you that we have a good place for you who like to study here! UNJ has several places that can support your academic activities with your friend group. You can go to:

Pustikom Area

you can see there is a little sitting area where you can have a good place to study with the electricity provided by UNJ for students who spend their time studying here.


There are many libraries you can use at Universitas Negeri Jakarta. The biggest library is the UPT Perpustakaan which is located at the center of UNJ A Campus.


Several cafes around our university can serve you a meal and nice coffee with a atmosphere to support your study journey. Discover new ideas, friends, and relax!

What can you do here?

With easy access to communal transportation, you can experience the central city scene with lots of places to have culinary, cultural, and nightlife experiences that you can first go to such as the iconic Thamrin, Gelora Bung Karno, Grand Indonesia Mall, and many more.
As part of the central city, Universitas Negeri Jakarta has easy access for those who love to spend their time in parks. We have nearby walking and running parks that can be accessed through the Transjakarta bus. The park is called “Velodrome” with spacious outdoor places and activities you can have with your friends before going to study with friends or after classes.
Are you going to Universitas Negeri Jakarta in the near future? Come check out this Guide Book that will help you throughout your first day in Jakarta and Universitas Negeri Jakarta! For full access to the guide book please click this link below: Coming soon

There are numerous options for you to live near Universitas Negeri Jakarta such as apartments, dorms, etc. To go here, you can use public transportation such as Transjakarta (Bus), KRL (Train), or Online Taxidriver. Here is a way for you to reach Universitas Negeri Jakarta.

After you arrive in Indonesia at Soekarno Hatta Airport, you can continue by going to;

    • Soekarno Hatta Line Premium towards Manggarai
    • After that, you can get off at the BNI City (Sudirman Baru) and continue by taking the train on the Cikarang Line towards Bekasi
    • And you can get off at the Matraman station and have a 4-minute walk to the Matraman bus station.
    • You can take the M21 bus towards Pulo Gadung (Electronic money/bus card required)
    • And get off at the Utan Kayu Rawamangun 1 bus station and continue by foot to Universitas Negeri Jakarta for 700 meters (around 10 minutes).

Bandar Udara Internasional Soekarno-Hatta ke Universitas Negeri Jakarta – Google Maps

A Buddy is a local friend who will help and accompany you to adjust yourself well in UNJ. Your Buddy can also give you a further explanation about UNJ and help you communicate well with your surroundings at UNJ. Go contact your Buddy and start your life at UNJ! (p.s. the Buddies are only available to those who are already admitted as UNJ students).

Name Contact

UNJ is surrounded by lovely environments that you can not miss! Go travel around with the bicycles and motorcycles that are available on CIS UNJ to rent for your daily use!

Terms of Condition

    1. The condition of the (bicycle//motorcycle) will be checked by CIS UNJ volunteers with the borrower. The volunteer will fill in the checklist form of the bicycle’s condition. The checklist form will show the number of the bike and the original condition of the bicycle.
    2. The deposit with an amount of (IDR 500.000,-) paid is used as a guarantee for borrowing the bicycle. By paying a deposit a receipt will be released and given to you. The receipt will be used to claim the deposit after returning the bicycle.
    3. Each damage that occurs to the bicycle when the bicycle is returned will be deducted according to the details in the second page.
    4. A broken bicycle cannot be changed to another bicycle. The borrower Is responsible to fix the bicycle if any damage occurred.
    5. If the bicycle is lost, you must pay an amount of (IDR 1.700.000,-) or submit a bicycle with the same type (bicycle//motorcycle brand).
    6. If you plan to leave the country without returning the bicycle, CIS UNJ will hold your Exit Permit Only (EPO) document.

Type Vehicle Rent Fee Form Rent
Bike TBA Download
Motorcycle TBA