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Available Scholarships

Students of Universitas Negeri Jakarta can apply for a scholarship by meeting certain requirement. Further information regarding available scholarships are provided in every Faculty.

Here are some available scholarships in Universitas Negeri Jakarta:

No. Scholarship Provider
1. PPA Proyek UNJ
2. BBM Proyek UNJ
3. Jepang Proyek TPSD Dikti
4. PKPS-BBM Proyek TPSD Dikti
5. TPSD Proyek TPSD Dikti
6. The Tempo Group PKPPM Ditjen Dikti
8. Yayasan Supersemar Yayasan Supersemar
9. Yayasan Summitmas Yayasan Summitmas
10. Yayasan Toyota Astra Yayasan Toyota Astra
11. Yayasan Salim Yayasan Salim
12. PT Gudang Garam PT Gudang Garam
13. PT Indo Food PT Indofood Sukses
14. BMU Yayasan Damandiri
15. Bank Indonesia Bank Indonesia
16. Dikmenti Dikmenti
17. Beasiswa Jakarta Yayasan Jakarta
International Scholarships