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SEMDIKNAS 2018: The National Curriculum is too Normative

SEMDIKNAS 2018: The National Curriculum is too Normative

SEMDIKNAS 2018: The National Curriculum is too Normative

UNJ Public Relations (21/11/2018) In the event of National Teacher’s Day on November 25th, 2018, Ikatan Alumni UNJ (IKA UNJ) held a national seminar with “Reflecting 73 Years of National Education” as its theme. This 2 day-seminar was held on 20-21 November 2018 at Aula Bung Hatta, UNJ.

The purpose of this seminar was to create a place where people could discuss and come up with a solution for fundamental problems faced by national education, which are; teacher competencies, equalization of access for education, student competencies and demographic bonus, education format in facing Industry 4.0, curriculum standard, revitalization of Lembaga Pendidik Tenaga Kependidikan (LPTK) and unemployment among vocational school alumni. Hundreds of scientific articles about education were collected in order to boost national education quality. The researchers are lecturers, teachers, and students from some regions in Indonesia. 73 researchers attended the seminar that was divided into three panels with different sub-theme.

Former minister of Education and Culture (KEMENDIKBUD), Prof. Dr. Ing Wardiman Djojonegoro, Inspector of KEMENDIKBUD, Prof Dr. Muclhis R. luddin, MA, and UNJ Sociology lecturer, Dr. Robertus Robet were the speakers on the first day of the seminar. According to Prof. Dr. Ing Wardiman Djojonegoro, link and match are vital in balancing government policy, university, school, and working environment. This has become one of the problems faced by national education.

Aside from presenting results of some researches in each panel, there was also a seminar attended by Expert Staff of Central and Regional Relations KEMENDIKBUD, Dr.James Modouw, M.MT., Prof.Dr.Hafid Abbas, Prof. Dr. Nana Supriatna M.Ed, Eka T. P. Simanjuntak,M.M, all of them talked about the national education system. The result of the whole seminar and the best article chosen by the judges led by Prof. Dr. H.A.R Tilaar, M.Sc.Ed. was announced at the end of the event.

“Speakers and committee had agreed that the result of this seminar will be collected in a book, and then it will be given to the government as the form of IKA UNJ’s contribution to the development of national education in the future,” said Ardiantoro, Head of IKA UNJ, as one of the judges. The goal of this seminar was to bring up the issue about the fate of national education in facing Industry 4.0 to the stakeholders that hopefully could form an improved education system in terms of technology. (BP/IWR)


Translated by: OJ