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A Fleeting Glimpse of UNJ’s Life Chapter

The life chapter of Universitas Negeri Jakarta begun when the Presidential Decree number one in 1963 stipulated that faculty of education of Universitas Indonesia, Institute of Teacher Education (IPG) and other education apparatus and systems at that time should be integrated into one institution, called Teacher Training Institute (IKIP) Jakarta. The decree was officially came into effect on 16 May 1964. This also marked the birth of IKIP Jakarta.

Due to the extension of mandate given by Ministry of Education and Culture in 1999, IKIP Jakarta transformed itself into Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ). Developing sciences, technology, arts, languages, sports and humanities with its main core business in education, UNJ becomes one of the leading state universities in Indonesia in integrating education with other various disciplines. In 2009 UNJ succeeded in gaining its status as public service agency (Badan Layanan Umum – BLU)