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Universitas Negeri Jakarta’s Internal Quality Assurance System

Universitas Negeri Jakarta’s Internal Quality Assurance System

Universitas Negeri Jakarta’s Internal Quality Assurance System

Monday (10/12) ad interim Vice Rector I of Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ) Dr. Achmad Ridwan, had a socialized Internal Quality Assurance System (SPMI). The event was held at the 9th floor of Ki Hajar Dewantara building. Dr. Achmad Ridwan was also there to open Audit Week among UNJ study programs. There were 81 study programs that will be audited by 51 SPMI auditors.

SPMI is a legislative mandate that must be executed by the university. SPMI had a purpose to capture and to map out the applications of Three Principles of Higher Education to every study program by the Auditors from various faculties. The result will be used to improve UNJ’s quality in the future. The 2nd version of SPMI (SPMI 2.0) and the improved audit assessment (including Bureaus, Institutions, Units, and Rectorate) will be done in 2019. SPMI with Continuous Improvement and PPEPP cycle means that in every area and element of Higher Education, there must be a stipulation, execution, evaluation, management, and improvement. That was why the proper Audit is needed.

SPMI UNJ has 32 standards. Both quantity and quality had passed SNPT in PERMENRISTEKDIKTI no. 44 in 2015, which has 24 standards in total including Three Principles of Higher Education, education standard, research standard, and social work standard. There are 8 standards on each principle, including result standard, content standard, procedure standard, assessment standard, lecturers standard, facility standard, management standard, and financing standard. SPMI UNJ had surpassed all of that by creating identity standards (vision, mission, and purpose), governance and cooperation standards, students and alumni standard, human resources standard, facility standard, financing standard, information system standard, and Occupational Health and Safety standard.

SPMI can guarantee the campus’ quality. The first thing to do is civilizing quality because it will determine the quality of the university members in doing their job and explaining UNJ’s new motto: “Educating and Upholding Nation.”

Audit Week (December 10-14th 2018) is a part of UNJ’s Central Resolution Quality Assurance.



Translated by: OJ