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Educational System

Educational System Information (SIAKAD)

Educational System Information (SIAKAD) is one of the information systems that is developing in accordance with the growth of technology to maintain data accuracy. The purpose of SIAKAD is to aid all members of the university, especially students, to access various academic data wherever and whenever needed. Things that can be done by using SIAKAD are inputting bio, filling or fixing KRS, checking KHS, DHS, lesson schedule, academic calendar, test schedule, graduation ceremony, and many more. It is even possible for students to pay college tuition from home. Lecturers, staff and other units are also able to access various academic data if needed. Some items such as lecturer bios and students’ subject approval are still being added. Constructive criticism is welcomed and appreciated.

  1. To access SIAKAD, students must use PIN from:
    1. BNI Payment Receipt (for class of 2006 or before that had paid SPP/DPP/DPPS through Student Payment Center: ATM, internet banking, and bank teller from every BNI branch in Indonesia.)
    2. BAAK (for class of 2005 or before that had paid SPP/DPP/DPPS to Bank Bukopin)
    3. Subdivision of Educational Faculty (for relational students whose SPP are paid by their institutions with MoU)
  2. Students must change their given PIN and create a new one.
  3. Students are encouraged to remember the PIN and to keep it as a secret. If the PIN were used by irresponsible party because of the student’s own failure to keep it as a secret, then students would be held accountable for it.