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SAFAR: 1001 Nights on the Earth of Archipelago

SAFAR: 1001 Nights on the Earth of Archipelago

SAFAR: 1001 Nights on the Earth of Archipelago

UNJ Public Relations (14/11/2018) Arabic Language Education Study Program, Faculty of Languages and Arts, held its ninth annual event, Semarak Festival Arab (SAFAR). “Nuansa 1001 Malam di Bumi Nusantara” was chosen as this year’s theme. This event is one of the biggest national events that has attracted the government and the public’s attention. SAFAR was held for three days (November 12 – 14th 2018).

The opening ceremony was held on the first day. It was opened by Dr. Liliana Muliastuti, M.Pd as the dean of Faculty of Languages and Arts at Aula Bung Hatta by hitting a gong three times, and then followed by the first phase of the Arabic language competitions; Debate, Hadroh Kreasi, MHQ, MTQ, and LCC.

On the second day, the competitions were continued. There was the second session of debate, Hadroh Banjari, MTQ, MHQ, Calligraphy, and Speech Contest for College Students and Students. The participants were divided into three big categories, which are students, college students, and the public that came from various institutions in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, and Sulawesi. One contestant was from Al-Azhar Cairo, Egypt.

On the last day, the final competition was held, followed by a closing ceremony. This closing ceremony was attended by some delegates from the ministry to give their speeches and their appreciation toward SAFAR. Some of them are the delegates from Ministry of Youth and Sports, Jaya Sutrisno, S.Pd., M.M as the head of Organisasi Kepelajaran, delegates from Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Dr. Misbah Fikrianto M.Si, and delegates from DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, Agus Suradika as the head of Regional Civil Service Agency DKI Jakarta.

It is said in their speech that they really appreciate SAFAR because this event had successfully increased its own quality every year. One of their messages was “A great personality must be balanced with a mind that matches beliefs, so it could produce new and improved thoughts,” said Jaya Sutrisno to the audience. (IWR)


Translated by: OJ